Why you need to live out your brand stories

Beyond just telling stories…

We need to live out our brand stories.

There are too many scams and fakes out there and we can’t afford to be seen like one of them too.

There are 3 major ways to ensure your hero(es) keep believing in you and your message and follow your brand stories:


You have to display originality in all that you do. Show your real genuine personality; share your values, interests, hobbies, and opinions.

Share your memorable moments and your sad moments.

Meaning story

Let your stories have meaning. Don’t just share stories, share stories that have meaning. Meaning is relative: in simple terms let it be RELEVANT and USEFUL for your audience.

Brand of substance – Character, Content, and Care

Every hero wants to follow a guide that has it all together. A brand that has SUBSTANCE.



You have an ETHICAL CORE you operate by. You don’t break your moral code. EVER

You make promises and you keep your word. You are competent and you provide quality services.


Your CONTENT is the STANDARD in your niche.

Everyone comes to you first to inquire about your opinions and perspectives because of the depth of insights you have and the results you engineer for people


You care about PEOPLE.




Caring is beyond words, it’s shown in your actions.

Make a decision today to be a BRAND OF SUBSTANCE.



Esohe Igbinoba is the Founder, The Global Brand Network. GBN is a brand management organization with a focus on teaching entrepreneurs the art of influential storytelling for attracting visibility and building an engaged audience so they can build profitable businesses. She helps them to achieve this through her unique system: The Influential Storytelling Formula. She has helped over 150 people in 10 countries. She helps them through her online school, GBN Business School where she offers one on one coaching programs, online courses and training programs. Find out how you can work with her here.

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