• Influential Storytelling: How to become influential and make more money in your business
  • Personal Branding: How to leverage influential storytelling to launch, market and grow your brand
  • Brand Story-selling Process: How to craft stories that sell your products and services
  • Self Leadership: How to craft an intentional life plan, take ownership and achieve your life goals
  • Origin Story Blueprint: How to craft your 5-part origin story for your business
  • Story Attraction Formula: How to attract more clients to your story, so you can build a lucrative coaching, speaking or expert business
  • Influential Storytelling for Beginners: How to tell your stories even if you don’t know how to write or speak well
  • Storytelling Campaign: How to launch influential storytelling campaigns that grow your visibility, income and influence
  • Storytelling Platform Growth: How to launch, grow and scale your storytelling platforms profitably
  • Story Living: How to live an authentic life full of stories you can share with your audience
  • Build Tribe: How to build your tribe with influential storytelling
  • How to launch and monetize brand products with influential storytelling
  • How to create and own income assets for your business with influential storytelling

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Esohe Igbinoba is CEO of Neobrand Solutions (an Influential Storytelling Coaching and Consulting Firm). She is the creator of the The Influential Storytelling Formula™, a powerful cost effective storytelling process that helps entrepreneurs attract visibility and build an engaged audience for their business so they can massively distribute and monetize their core products and services.

Esohe is also the Founder of the Global Brand Network: a business development program designed to help entrepreneurial experts (speakers, authors, coaches, consultants and trainers), become influential storytelling global brands who build 6-7 figure practices around their life stories, knowledge and expertise.

With over 5 years of research and real world experience working with clients to leverage stories to attract drones of clients, Esohe knows in intimate detail how coaches, speakers and experts build empires around their life stories, knowledge and expertise and become influential storytelling global brands in their fields.

She brings this insight and wealth of wisdom to entrepreneurial experts (speakers, authors, coaches, consultants and trainers) in a way that is very inspiring, actionable and empowering. Esohe speaks annually to entrepreneurs, corporate employees, industry association members and youth groups on the principles of Influential Storytelling, Personal Branding, and Self-Leadership.

Her two pronged message “Your story matters and you can make money solving problems with your story’’ inspires hundreds of entrepreneurs each month from Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Liberia, UK, US, Thailand, Switzerland, Cyprus, Australia and other parts of the globe empowering them with the capabilities to build profitable and influential storytelling brands.

Esohe Igbinoba lives in Lagos, Nigeria and donates a percent of her income from her influential storytelling practice to helping children living with Asthma get access to good health care. She’s also an Asthma Advocate having lived with Asthma for about 20 years.

Queen Esohe will be delighted to inspire your audience at your next event. For further details on hosting her, please fill the form above, or simply call +2349064909578.