Client Stories

Amara Nnaji
, International Trade Expert and Founder, The International Trade Navigator

After the program, I actually came online, my online presence increased. However, being a very private person, I don’t open up about myself but she got me to the place where I was able to share my story. The first time it happened in the program, I was surprised I was able to write so much! Esohe got me to the place where I was able to share my story with other people. That was where it started for me, I began to share my stories and I found out that people were actually connecting. It was fine and good for me.

Anita Okanigbe-John
Business Coach and Founder, Radical Execution Academy

I struggled with figuring out what my brand really was and how to connect with my prospective clients. It made me frustrated sometimes. I now know how to connect my brand to my products/services as well as how to tell the right story that appeals to my clients. Invest in the program because it is worth every dollar or Naira you will pay for it.

Olufukeji Adegbeye
Chartered Wealth Manager and Founder, Profitable Investor Network

I knew I had a unique experience, as well as unusual insight especially in my industry of wealth management and securities trading, but I really didn't know how to monetize that expertise. It made me feel pregnant but unable to deliver. I wanted to coach and be known as a financial freedom and investment trading expert, but I really didn't know what next to do. Esohe helped me compartmentalize my knowledge into 3 clear cut information products that I could price, package and sell.

Less than 4 months later, I had sold my entry level product, (The Profitable Investor Mindset Course, it has since been revamped and renamed) to over 8 clients, without doing serious marketing. The clients bought just on the basis of the clarity and presentation of the deliverables in the course.

Esohe will help you find clarity. She will also push you and hold you accountable.

Dr. Misturah Bello
Medical Doctor and Happiness Coach

Prior to my enrolling on the program, I had a slow pace at getting my brand online on the right foot. I wasn’t comfortable and also not feeling the real 'me'. I also had low visibility. After the program, I had clarity on how to make my business a true brand, the importance of brand storytelling and steps to get it right. I also got Insight into stages of my brand story to connect with my prospects. The course was quite insightful even though I had related courses in the past. The course was well thought out and a very good guide.
One thing I admire in Esohe is her being an accountability partner while on the course.

Founder,The Purpose Driven Network

Prior to working with Esohe, I had challenges getting clients for my kind of message. It made me feel confused, however the coaching program was an eye opener on how to focus so as to get paying clients.

People are now recognizing me for what I do and willing to pay me. Someone paid me recently. I’ll advise you to go take the opportunity now, you are sure of getting the needed clarity.

Ronke Omorodion
Founder, Legal Insights for Business community

I needed clarity on how to go about introducing my business to the public. I felt unfulfilled, helpless and confused. After the program, I gained clarity and was motivated to launch out. I launched my online community called Legal Insights for Business. If you are serious about starting your business and becoming heard and seen, then the earlier you sign up for the program the better.

Nike Adedokun Folagbade
Relationship coach, Founder, Relationship Capsule Community

I didn't understand how to consistently connect with my audience deliberately with storytelling. I was also trying to solve too many problems at a time. I felt bad that I could not make the audience understand my value and content. I wanted to understand the secret behind making them engaged in my content and stories.

I understood the power of my experiences. I started taking note of my daily experiences and how it can connect with my audience. I was able to bring out my past experiences in helping my ideal customer identify their pain points and solutions I can offer.

My stories became more engaging and I had better result that could convert. I had a 200% increase in engagement which has converted into customers too. If you have issues with connecting with your audience then I would advise that you take up the story telling session or online course so that you don't continue to dish only content that doesn't connect or converts. If your ideal customer cannot connect with your story, they may not be able to buy from you.

Esohe really loves to help people. She is a people person who cares more than the money which is another reason to take up her session or class.

Robor Bliss
Business and family financial strategist

I struggled with not knowing how to launch my online brand and inability to tell the right stories. It made me feel confused. I got clarity and can now tell better stories. I started sharing stories that catch attention. And I launched my brand RoborBLiSS. I consider the program a worthy investment in the future and any who intends to move forward faster should consider signing up. Esohe is fun to be with. I enjoyed the training period and materials

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