5 Reasons Why You Should Communicate Your Brand Stories

I want us to talk about 5 reasons you should communicate your brand stories.

First of all, I’ll like to clarify what brand storytelling is.

Brand Storytelling is a way of thinking and communicating a brand that puts a narrative at their very heart and thereby makes them both meaningful and compelling – for the audience and the brand.

Now that we understand what brand storytelling is, we need to understand how brand storytelling can help us achieve our communication goals

Usually, we have 5 major reasons for communicating our brand stories:

– Brand awareness and visibility

– Top of mind in our industry

– Communicate brand positioning

– Promote products and services

– Drive sales and conversions

There are a couple of strategies and tactics that can work for your brand, you need to find them and apply them to make your brand storytelling effective.

You need to understand that people are generally ‘’selfish’’.

They care ONLY about their problems and they are very preoccupied with finding solutions to those problems, hence, you need to do your market research and use social listening well, so you can immerse yourself in the lives of your ideal audience and know their pain points and challenges.

Once you do that, you need to think of solutions that provide UTILITY, CONVENIENCE, and MEANING.

Utility- solve a problem

Convenience – Save me time, money, stress

Meaning – provide me with a relevant solution that changes my life and helps me to be a better person.

Once your stories and solution do these 3 things, then you know that you are going to be successful at communicating your messages with influential storytelling.



Esohe Igbinoba is the Founder, The Global Brand Network. GBN is a brand management organization with a focus on teaching entrepreneurs the art of influential storytelling for attracting visibility and building an engaged audience so they can build profitable businesses. She helps them to achieve this through her unique system: The Influential Storytelling Formula. She has helped over 150 people in 10 countries. She helps them through her online school, GBN Business School where she offers one on one coaching programs, online courses and training programs. Find out how you can work with her here.

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