3 Reasons Why You Will Fail At Leading Your Brand With Influential Storytelling

Recently, I woke up sad….

I realized some people think that leading their own brands is for fame and riches.

While others underestimate the work it takes to lead powerful and sustainable brands.

Today, I want to share 3 reasons you will fail at leading your brand and what to do about it.

  1. Focusing on yourself as the hero of your brand

We’ve spoken about this before, but this is a major killer of many brands.

People don’t care what you know until they know how much you care.

When you focus on projecting your story and message – with a focus on you, you lose touch with the people you want to lead and you kill your brand before it even starts.

  1. Not being clear about the right audience for your brand

This is a definite killer.

You need to get clear about the people you are sent to. Those who have the problem you want to solve, and believe in the promise you are making to them of who they can become if they buy-in to your brand…..those people…you need to find them!

However, you can’t find them, if you don’t know in detail, who you are looking for.

Get clear about who this person is (avatar of your audience) and position yourself in places you can find and attract them to join your brand.

  1. Not committing to paying the price to lead your own brand with influential storytelling

This is the killer of all killers. Lol

Lots of people who are passionate about starting impact-based businesses or ”coaching” people don’t have a deep understanding of what it takes, physically, emotionally, intellectually, mentally and otherwise to being a leader and leading people even when there have life or business challenges.

That’s why I speak about building the leadership capacity to lead your brand.

It’s very important.

Commit to leading and take the steps to develop your capacity for leadership.

You need to make a decision to start and then commit to the journey of leading your brand with influential storytelling

Destinies are tied to yours.

Make that decision today.



Esohe Igbinoba is the Founder, The Global Brand Network. GBN is a brand management organization with a focus on teaching entrepreneurs the art of influential storytelling for attracting visibility and building an engaged audience so they can build profitable businesses. She helps them to achieve this through her unique system: The Influential Storytelling Formula. She has helped over 150 people in 10 countries. She helps them through her online school, GBN Business School where she offers one on one coaching programs, online courses and training programs. Find out how you can work with her here.

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