3 Habits you must develop if you want to be a badass storyteller

I’ll like to go into some habits of storytelling you need to develop. They are:

  1. Create and curate your experiences daily (pictures and text, videos)

You need to learn to curate your experiences daily.

I share often that stories are experiences. Hence, you need to learn to create and curate your experiences in a way that can be used for storytelling.

You can curate these experiences in a journal, video format, audio, etc

How can you do that, you may ask?

That leads me to my next habit

  1. Learn to draw inspiration from your environment to create stories

Learn this!!! That’s why I recommend that you read a lot of fiction and non-fiction stories to stimulate your mind to think and create stories like a storyteller.

If you are not really a novel person, how else do you develop your creative mind? Habit 3 tells us how!

  1. Find and listen to/read other storytellers you know and love

Whatever industry, language or interest, you will find a storyteller that will interest you enough to pay attention to their stories.

One storyteller, I listen to often is Remi Owadokun, another is Stephanie Obi.

They are both friends and colleagues in the industry, but their stories and storytelling style appeals to me and helps me hone my skills.

After ticking these boxes, there are still a couple of habits you need to develop.

However, learning and implementing these 3 habits will greatly develop your storytelling skill.



Esohe Igbinoba is the Founder, The Global Brand Network. GBN is a brand management organization with a focus on teaching entrepreneurs the art of influential storytelling for attracting visibility and building an engaged audience so they can build profitable businesses. She helps them to achieve this through her unique system: The Influential Storytelling Formula. She has helped over 150 people in 10 countries. She helps them through her online school, GBN Business School where she offers one on one coaching programs, online courses and training programs. Find out how you can work with her here.

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