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How I had my first labour room experience at age 10….

From a tender age of 6, I had become aware of my skills in writing, speaking and acting. I would take acting roles in church and school and totally enjoyed myself! However, I had an experience at the age of 10, that had nothing to do with acting at all!

I used to take a lot of a popular biscuit called Pako Biscuit. It was a hard and sweet biscuit and I loved it! However, I had a nasty habit of not drinking water for long periods of time.

One day, I went to the toilet and after pushing and grunting for more than 30 minutes, I couldn’t finish my business, so I took it back in…

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“After I signed up for the program, I actually came online, my online presence increased. However, being a very private person, I don’t open up about myself but Esohe got me to the place where I was able to share my story with other people. That was where it started for me, I began to share my stories and I found out that people were actually connecting. It was fine and good for me”

Amara Nnaji

International Trade Expert and Founder, International Trade Navigator

“I knew I had a unique experience, as well as unusual insight especially in my industry of wealth management and securities trading, but I really didn’t know how to monetize that expertise. It made me feel pregnant but unable to deliver. I wanted to coach and be known as a financial freedom and investment trading expert, but I really didn’t know what next to do. Esohe helped me compartmentalize my knowledge into 3 clear cut information products that I could price, package and sell.”

Olufukeji Ejimi Adegbeye

Chartered Wealth Manager and Founder, Profitable Investor Network

“I struggled with figuring out what my brand really was and how to connect with my prospective clients. It made me frustrated sometimes. I now know how to connect my brand to my products/services as well as how to tell the right story that appeals to my clients. Invest in the program because it is worth every dollar or Naira you will pay for it.”

Anita Okanigbe-John

Business Coach and Founder, Radical Execution Academy

Do you want to become a well-known and respected celebrity entrepreneur, making millions in your business?


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